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HYN Weight Reduction and Wellness Programs

The first approach to healing your relationship with food:


Do you want a healthier relationship with Food rather than dieting one more time?


   When young toddlers/children are eating, their body signals them to know when they are full, satisfied and when they are hungry!  Those body and brain connections somewhere are lost as we grow.   The eating patterns as we get older may change how we eat by being told to ignore those healthy signals "eat all your food on your plate".  Maybe just by being in an over-eating family environment; we learn as we grow. 


  The dieting scene can have great power over an individual with all the rules and restrictions that go along with each new diet in the news.   So now, we have to find those signals again and put them back into the daily eating habits and beliefs. 


   The Mindful Eating approach is another insight practice that incorporates Mindful Eating practices that uses short meditations and behavior changing exercises as the catalyst to improve the way we eat.  I focus on no judgements, no shaming, no guilt, no cheating thinking patterns.   As a Mindful Eating Practioner,  I use methods to notice hunger, satiety and fullness to easily incorporate into your daily life.   Giving freedom and pleasure back again with eating!! 

   Being mindful again in our lives before, during and after we eat is so important to get peace and balance with food.   Approaching behaviors with eating solutions.  This way of eating is beyond the diet approach and beyond just eating!!


Yes there are more options to solve your relationship with food and heal your body, mind and spirit...


What is the Well Nourished approach to healthier living?

Why Well Nourished whole body approach?  This is a non-diet approach.  A way to nourish the whole body by creating intentions and setting goals towards changes you want to make in your life.  Talking about what your needs are and what you need help with in your "food life".   There are no the food rules just learn to listen to the 8 parts of your self.   Get the support of sound evidence-based nutrition and receive total body health knowledge to help you make a transformation to a better you!

The Well Nourished plan goes beyond food.   Eating food may not be what you are hungry for maybe you are not hungry, maybe you are lacking in some other area and need guidance to heal you relationship with food by nourishing the other parts of yourself that are missing out on nourishment.  The main goal is to become nourished through mind, body, heart and spirit connections.

Real Life:

I had a friend who would eat ice cream every night.   He asked, "How could he eat healthier?".   I had to find out why he was doing the behavior and I did.   He has been losing his friends by them passing away.  He was adding the ice cream to temporarily quiet his sadness of loss.    We found other ways to fill his social and emotional losses.  Also, adding healthier food choices to that evening snack but still kept ice cream a couple times instead of every night. 

"With every problem there is a solution!"  I always tell my kids and my clients.

Below is an example of the 8 parts of Well Nourished Bowl.  The food of life.


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