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5 Tips to a Eat Mindfully

5 Tips to Mindful Eating

Healthy You Nutrition,LLC ( counseling services uses non-dieting Mindful Eating practices to help all clients improve their balance with eating! Mindful eating has been very helpful way to combat over eating.

What does it mean? Mindful Eating includes paying attention to the entire process of eating with appreciation and recognizing the importance of your food using your awareness of thoughts, beliefs and feelings to help guide your judgement! Just nourishment!

1. Do a mindful check-in 2. Check in with your hunger and level of fullness before eating 3. Reflect and appreciate what you are eating 4. Taste mindfully-use your senses and enjoy your food 5. Check -in while eating with hunger and fullness Practices include mindful meditation to help you keep this practice up for the rest of your days eating!!!

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