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 Nutrition Nibbles

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Exercise gets you Healthier

Veggie Resisters to Veggie Lovers!!

Food is transformational!   Whether you want to make small changes or big food changes, making a difference will be a positive step in the right direction!

Want to get recipes and ideas to increase fruits and veggies?


What is the Mindful Eating Philosophy?

Now offering Mindful Eating Coaching with all sessions as appropriate per client!


How do you know you are full?

...when our plate is empty

...when the tv show is over

...when your stomach hurts

...when the food doesn't taste good anymore

Being "Mindful" while eating is so important to prevent us from overeating!   Looking at your thoughts and feeling about the food you are eating are very helpful. Where does the food you are about to eat come from?  How was it made? In helping us to not overeat, we need to pay attention to when you do feel a sensation of fullness.  How does your food smell?  Does it taste like it smells?   How does it feel in your mouth?  Does the taste of the food change when you are almost done eating the food?

Being mindful takes patience and practice.  Anyone can be mindful with meals and snacktime!  

Healthy You Nutrition

Mediterranean Meal Planning 

Eating a specific style of eating can make a difference in your health right now!  Voted the best way to eat in 2020! the The Mediterranean Style eating was voted number one by looking at the research-evidenced based- reports on this special style of eating.  This way of eating came about in terms in the 1960's and was not coming from one country, but from regions of countries.  Below shows pictures of what a meal plate should look like.  I really like this visual to help clients make better choices to a "Healthier You"

Healthy You Nutritionist Dietitian

Food Safety: 


Here's an app to help you stay safe. How long does food last in the fridge? Find out by clicking the link-

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