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I care about my clients!!

Services Available

I offer free weekly check-in's via text and email to encourage YOU!
  • Adults, families and children
  • Telehealth and In-Person visits 
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Plans and Highmark
  • Maryland, Delaware and Virginia residents
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Free Meal Planning and Food Logging 

Emotional eating

Mediterrean Style 

Heart Healthy

Celiac Disease/Gluten Free

Food Allergies

Pre and Post Exercise Workout Plans-Sports Nutrition

Weight Loss with Behavior and Nutrition Modifications

Weight Loss Medication Referrals

Weight Loss Medication Assistance with Behavior and Nutrition Changes

IBS and other Gut Issues

Low FODMAP and Gentle FODMAP Diets

Elimination Diets

Pregnancy, Post Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

PCOS and Fertility

Binge Eating

Nighttime Eating Issues



Picky Eating Behaviors with Eating in Children and Adults

Insulin Resistance, Pre-Diabetes, Diabetes

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