Scheduling Appointments

Welcome to the scheduling section of my website!   Thank you for supporting a locally, women owned business.


It is time to make "You" a healthier you and get your personal nutrition prescription!   You will receive quality nutritional counseling.


I do focus on Wellness Nutrition and Mindful Eating Health Coaching to heal your relationship with food and feed your whole self.    


With each visit,  I provide a free application from the "NutritionIX" (click here for more info) to track food, exercise and fluid consumption to help you succeed!

Providing Services for:

Overeating, Binge Disordered Eating and Compulsive Disordered Eating

Weight Wellness Management

Digestive Health-specializing in gluten free!

Women and Men's Health

Pre and Post Workouts

Food Allergies

Pregnancy- pre and post

Children-Picky eaters and Healthy Eating



1-2-3 easy to schedule! I am taking new clients from Maryland and Delaware!!  If you need help scheduling, click on the "CHAT" in the lower right hand corner.


1. Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) and Highmark plans: 

  • Please call your BCBS plan to make sure they cover "Registered Dietitian Nutritional Counseling Services". I do not take Medicare or Medicaid. Not all BCBS plans cover nutritional services.


2. Covid-19:

  • Telehealth appointments are Friday, Saturdays and Mondays.  Limited in-person visits are now offered on Saturdays. If you need another date or appointment time, please let me know

 3. After scheduling the appointment:

  • Expect an "Opt-in" email to verify your email once you have booked an appointment.  Then you will receive the appointment confirmation, documents to sign and the link for the appointment and NutritionIX food tracker.