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Scheduling HYN Appointments

Schedule with  HYN!!

1-2-3 easy to schedule 

Residents of Maryland, Virginia and Delaware appointments are available now!  

 (If you need help scheduling, click on the "CHAT" in the lower right hand corner)


1. Who pays for the visit?

  • Insurance coverage or use a HSA payment or cash based payment.

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) PPO and Highmark plans: Please call your BCBS plan to make sure they cover "Registered Dietitian Nutritional Counseling Services".   Most visits are coverage but not all BCBS plans cover nutritional services.   

  • I do not take Medicare or Medicaid.


2. Choose your day and time from the scheduler below:

  • Telehealth appointments are Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and some Saturday's.

  • If you need another date or appointment time, please let me know.

3. After scheduling the appointment:

  • Expect an "Opt-in" email to verify your email once you have booked an appointment. 

  • You will receive the appointment confirmation, shared documents to sign BEFORE the appointment, the link for the appointment and Nutrition IX food tracker sign-up link all in one email.


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