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“Cindra gave me helpful information about times of day to eat and meal replacement drinks to get me through periods of low appetite. She's always very friendly and good at what she does."


"You are so friendly, calm and caring. I feel like intuitive eating training has been helpful in understanding my journey with food.."


“My experience working with Cindra at Healthy You Nutrition has been instrumental in obtaining better health results. Over the several years I have been her client, we have developed a positive and trusting relationship that has given me the confidence and reassurance to make better dietary decisions. We discuss alternative food options, review nutritional supplements and medication, and discuss my health concerns. She recommends over the counter products to help with various ailments and proposes items to discuss with my medical provider. Cindra is involved in workshops, certification programs and research in many nutritional topics and her philosophy is grounded in guiding her clients to better health using behavioral therapy techniques. She is a significant asset to my health journey!”
My experience was filled with insightful guidance into my behavioral and eating habits. As the weeks progressed, we successfully managed and understood the best ways to move forward to put long-term positive habits in conjunction with a better mindset!  -A.B.

Cindra is very caring and shares a wealth of information. She really listens and gently probes to understand the whole person. She helps you understand the role and importance of our GI tract to physical and emotional health. She takes her time with you and provides very helpful & practical followup information after the session. She is easy to reach and quickly responsive to any inquiries through email or on her website. She is a treasure that we are glad to have found.

S.F.   Delaware

I've been with Healthy You Nutrition for months now, and I have really noticed a positive difference in myself. It's not all about weight loss, especially at first. I've learned about mindful eating and the importance of being mindful towards food and my experiences with food in general. As a survivor of sexual abuse, my experiences with food were ones of comfort and numbness. However, now I have a much more healthy and positive relationship with food. And it's really all because of Healthy You Nutrition! Now, these sessions are not therapy sessions. But this has really helped me understand how my trauma was stopping me from making my food-related goals. And because of that I've been able to work through my trauma and my food-related problems. Plus, the recipes you get as a client are AMAZING and DELICIOUS. I highly recommend Healthy You Nutrition. I feel heard and important and valued. I would not be where I am with food and my journey to self-love today if it was not for Healthy You Nutrition.

Carol, Odessa

"I enjoyed Cindra's nutrition talk and I've been thinking about it on and off ever since"

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E. F. -Delaware

Tremendous thank you Cindra for sharing her wonderful tips to our Garden Club via ZOOM in the height of Covid when we could not meet in person. Her tips truly gave me the encouragement to eat better and exercise more. Now I make it a point to be sure to walk five miles everyday for better health and to clear my mind. I am extremely committed to this. I have reconnected with friends who join me on the walks too which is such a blessing. I struggle with high cholesterol so better diet and improved activity is always a priority. Thank you Cindra for caring so much and sharing your knowledge and expertise with others.

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Cindra’s approach to helping me with my nutritional needs was personal and easy to follow. I appreciate her attention to detail and how she made the complicated easy to understand.

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Cindra I am so thankful I found you! Besides being so friendly you have helped me choose food that is better for my rare disease!

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