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Welcome to a new kind of Nutrition Practice!

Do you want your very own personal Registered Dietitian? I can take adult and pediatric patients. I am online Telehealth. Future sessions can be held in person and grocery stores and I will have available in-home sessions.

I will focus on helping you eating food mindfully. I am here to help you find your way to health and happiness with no restrictive diets, no impossible plans, science and evidenced based information, looking at the whole body to become well nourished.

As with most Registered Dietitians, you can receive consultation on medical nutrition therapy and general nutrition wellness. I go a step further, I discuss and interact with clients on how eating food mindfully entails being aware of taste, getting pleasure from food and being satisfied after eating if you are fully present in your eating experience.

I provide services for pediatrics wellness for picky eaters and weight management, food allergies, gluten free consultations as well. For adults, men and women wellness sessions. See my website for the full list of areas practice for adults.

Let's get started! Make an appointment today!

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